Intergalactic Travel With MOND Rockets

The 2821 Star Southern Hemisphere Optical SETI Survey: An Archival
Search for Candidate Laser Signals in ESO’s HARPS Spectroscope Database

Internal structures and magnetic moments of rocky planets
Application to the first exoplanets discovered by TESS

Do tides destabilize Trojan exoplanets?

The unpopular Package: A Data-driven Approach to Detrending TESS Full-frame Image Light Curves

Earth as a Proxy Exoplanet: Simulating DSCOVR/EPIC Observations Using the Earth Spectrum Simulator

The Detection of Transiting Exoplanets by Gaia

A giant planet shaping the disk around the very low mass star CIDA 1

Intermediate Points for Missions to Interstellar Objects Using Optimum Interplanetary Trajectory Software

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