March 8, 2022 updates

A Beacon in the Galaxy: Updated Arecibo Message for Potential FAST and SETI Projects

Biological and cellular responses of humans to high-level natural radiation: a clarion call for a fresh perspective on the linear no-threshold paradigm

Sequencing the Origins of Life

Nodal Precession and Tidal Evolution of Two Hot-Jupiters: WASP-33 b and KELT-9 b

TOI-1696: a nearby M4 dwarf with a 3R⊕ planet in the Neptunian desert

WASP-35 and HAT-P-30/WASP-51: re-analysis using TESS and ground-based transit photometry

Assessment of Microbial Habitability Across Solar System Targets

Uncovering the true periods of the young sub-Neptunes orbiting TOI-2076

Periodic orbits in the 1:2:3 resonant chain and their impact on the orbital dynamics of the planetary system Kepler-51

A quantitative assessment of the VO line list: Inaccuracies hamper high-resolution VO detections in exoplanet atmospheres

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