March 7, 2022 Updates

Von Neumann probes: rationale, propulsion, interstellar transfer timing

A tentative detection of He I in the atmosphere of GJ 1214 b

A search for planetary companions around 800 pulsars from the Jodrell Bank pulsar timing programme

Flares, Rotation, and Planets of the AU Mic System from TESS Observations

The Flaring TESS Objects of Interest: Flare Rates for all Two Minute Cadence TESS Planet Candidates

Nodal Precession of WASP-33b for Eleven Years by Doppler Tomographic and Transit Photometric Observations

Scaling K2. V. Statistical Validation of 60 New Exoplanets From K2 Campaigns 2-18

MHD study of planetary magnetospheric response during extreme solar wind conditions: Earth and exoplanet magnetospheres applications

Non-Local thermal equilibrium spectra of atmospheric molecules for exoplanets

A Star-sized Impact-Produced Dust Clump in the Terrestrial Zone of the HD 166191 System

A Comprehensive Analysis of WASP-17b’s Transmission Spectrum from Space-Based Observations

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