Auto-RSM: An automated parameter-selection algorithm for the RSM map exoplanet detection algorithm

Transit Timings Variations in the three-planet system: TOI-270

Stellar Surface Inhomogeneities as a Potential Source of the Atmospheric Signal Detected in the K2-18b Transmission Spectrum

Mining the Ultra-Hot Skies of HAT-P-70b: Detection of a Profusion of Neutral and Ionized Species

Automation Of Transiting Exoplanet Detection, Identification and Habitability Assessment Using Machine Learning Approaches

The Ice Coverage of Earth-like Planets Orbiting FGK Stars

The California Legacy Survey III. On The Shoulders of (Some) Giants: The Relationship between Inner Small Planets and Outer Massive Planets

New constraints on the future evaporation of the young exoplanets in the V1298 Tau system

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