December 7, 2021 updates

Unbound Close Stellar Encounters in the Solar Neighborhood

Astrobiology as a Driver to Connect India’s Public, Scientists, and Space Missions

Airbus will build ESA’s Ariel exoplanet satellite

Temporal variation of planetary iron as a driver of evolution

The New Generation Planetary Population Synthesis (NGPPS) – III. Warm super-Earths and cold Jupiters: a weak occurrence correlation, but with a strong architecture-composition link

The New Generation Planetary Population Synthesis (NGPPS) – IV. Planetary systems around low-mass stars

The New Generation Planetary Population Synthesis (NGPPS) VI. Introducing KOBE: Kepler Observes Bern Exoplanets – Theoretical perspectives on the architecture of planetary systems: Peas in a pod

Implementation of disequilibrium chemistry to spectral retrieval code ARCiS and application to 16 exoplanet transmission spectra – Indication of disequilibrium chemistry for HD 209458b and WASP-39b

TOI-1431b/MASCARA-5b: A Highly Irradiated Ultrahot Jupiter Orbiting One of the Hottest and Brightest Known Exoplanet Host Stars

The Peculiar Chemical Pattern of the WASP-160 Binary System: Signatures of Planetary Formation and Evolution?

Deep Exploration of the Planets HR 8799 b, c, and d with Moderate-resolution Spectroscopy

How to decode interstellar messages

The TESS Faint Star Search: 1,617 TOIs from the TESS Primary Mission

Systematic KMTNet Planetary Anomaly Search, Paper III: One Wide-Orbit Planet And Two Stellar Binaries

Non-Trivial Oblique Spin Equilibria of Super-Earths in Multi-planetary Systems

Investigation of the upper atmosphere in ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-76 b with high-resolution spectroscopy

Cronomoons: origin, dynamics, and light-curve features of ringed exomoons

Potential Habitability as a Stellar Property: Effects of Model Uncertainties and Measurement Precision

Extreme ultraviolet and X-ray driven photochemistry of gaseous exoplanets

On the Stability of Additional Moons Orbiting Kepler-1625 b

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