NASA Provides Update on Webb Telescope Launch

False biosignatures on Mars: anticipating ambiguity

Terraforming Mars (Astrobiology Perspectives on Life in the Universe)

Scaling K2. IV. A Uniform Planet Sample for Campaigns 1–8 and 10–18

TOI-2109: An Ultrahot Gas Giant on a 16 hr Orbit

Follow-up Photometry in Another Band Helps to Reduce Kepler’s False-positive Rates

Internal-Current Lorentz-Force Heating of Astrophysical Objects

Measuring microlensing parallax via simultaneous observations from Chinese Space Station Telescope and Roman Telescope

Panoramic SETI: on-sky results from prototype telescopes and instrumental design

Hot Jupiters accreting onto their parent stars: effects on the stellar activity

Longitudinally asymmetric stratospheric oscillation on a tidally locked exoplanet

p-winds: an open-source Python code to model planetary winds and upper atmospheres

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