Detection of pre-industrial societies on exoplanets – ERRATUM

Game Theory in Space: The Equilibrium State of The Universe and Its
Implications in Space Law

Who Will Rise To Fritz Zwicky’S Challenge?

Color Dependence of Planetary Transit Depths due to Large Starspots and Dust Clouds: Application to PTFO 8-8695

Navigation evaluation for fast interstellar object flybys

An Atomic Spectral Survey of WASP-76b: Resolving Chemical Gradients and Asymmetries

ExoMiner: A Highly Accurate and Explainable Deep Learning Classifier to Mine Exoplanets

Onboard Dynamic Image Exposure Control for the Star-Planet Activity Research CubeSat (SPARCS)

Original Research By Young Twinkle Students (ORBYTS): Ephemeris Refinement of Transiting Exoplanets III

No Transits of Proxima Centauri Planets in High-Cadence TESS Data

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