Developing An Interferometric SETI Capability Using e-MERLIN

Exoplanet biosignatures

No Sub-Saturn-mass Planet Desert in the CORALIE/HARPS Radial-velocity Sample

A General Origin for Multiplanetary Systems With Significantly Misaligned USP Planets

The Fishback ramjet revisited

Stellar rotation and its connection to the evolution of hydrogen-dominated atmospheres of exoplanets

Effects of flares on the habitable zones of M dwarfs accessible to TESS planet detections

Characterization of an Instrument Model for Exoplanet Transit Spectrum Estimation through Wide Scale Analysis on HST Data

How does the background atmosphere affect the onset of the runaway greenhouse ?

Research Programs Arising from ‘Oumuamua Considered as an Alien Craft

How to create an artificial magnetosphere for Mars

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