Crystalline ices – Densities and comparisons for planetary and interstellar applications

A comprehensive review of Electric Solar Wind Sail concept and its applications

The Obliquity of HIP 67522 b: A 17 Myr Old Transiting Hot, Jupiter-sized Planet

From Pebbles and Planetesimals to Planets and Dust: the Protoplanetary Disk–Debris Disk Connection

Inferring Shallow Surfaces on sub-Neptune Exoplanets with JWST

Transit Timing Variation of XO-3b: Evidence for Tidal Evolution of Hot Jupiter with High Eccentricity

Significant Transit Timing Offsets of 31 Hot Jupiters

Densified pupil spectrograph as high-precision radial velocimetry: From direct measurement of the Universe’s expansion history to characterization of nearby habitable planet candidates

Alleviating the transit timing variation bias in transit surveys. I. RIVERS: Method and detection of a pair of resonant super-Earths around Kepler-1705

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