The Five Great Human Challenges to Make Space and Interstellar Travels

Our Place in the Universe – II

Directed Energy Accelerated Lightsails

A radio technosignature search towards Proxima Centauri resulting in a signal of interest

Analysis of the Breakthrough Listen signal of interest blc1 with a technosignature verification framework

Ion-driven organic chemistry for Titan-like atmospheres: Implications for N-dominated super-Earth exoplanets

Comparison of the mass distributions of short-period exoplanets detected by transit and RV methods

ExoFrontiers – Big questions in exoplanetary science

TESS-Keck Survey. V. Twin Sub-Neptunes Transiting the Nearby G Star HD 63935

The First Interstellar Astronauts Will Not Be Human

The Search for Deliberate Interstellar SETI Signals May Be Futile

A model Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of α Centauri A/B

The LHS 1678 System: Two Earth-Sized Transiting Planets and an Astrometric Companion Orbiting an M Dwarf Near the Convective Boundary at 20 pc

Dynamical tidal Love numbers of rapidly rotating planets and stars

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