The Alien Communication Handbook

Zodiacal Exoplanets in Time (ZEIT) XII: A Directly-Imaged Planetary-Mass Companion to a Young Taurus M Dwarf Star

In Search of Plan(et) B: Irrational Rationality, Capitalist Realism, and Space Colonization

The effect of late giant collisions on the atmospheres of protoplanets and the formation of cold sub-Saturns

TESS Data for Asteroseismology (T’DA) Stellar Variability Classification Pipeline: Setup and Application to the Kepler Q9 Data

Detection of OH in the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-76b

GRASS : Distinguishing Planet-induced Doppler Signatures from Granulation with a Synthetic Spectra Generator

Physically-motivated basis functions for temperature maps of exoplanets

The Sonora Substellar Atmosphere Models. II. Cholla: A Grid of Cloud-free, Solar Metallicity Models in Chemical Disequilibrium for the JWST Era

EOS: Atmospheric Radiative Transfer in Habitable Worlds with HELIOS

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