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Plenary setup / Q&A policy

Nearly half our speakers will be presenting via Zoom. And we will have a number of attendees participating by Zoom as well, including quite a few overseas. (Sorry about the timezones.) We are paying for an A/V setup that will enable (1) display of your image or your slides in the hotel ballroom, (2) display of the Zoom participants, (3) one-way live-streaming of all plenary audio/video, (4) recording of all plenary audio/video, and (5) the ability for remote participants to ask questions of the speakers, whether the speaker is virtual or in Tucson. This sort of hybrid meeting is one of the challenges of the COVID era, and we’re working hard to make it as seamless as possible.

If you are presenting remotely, please register as a Remote Only participant on the Eventbrite website, and we’ll make sure you get the password. Please confirm that you have a decent Zoom setup at home or at your office; this far into COVID, we pretty much take that for granted. We hope you participate for the entire weekend, but please be sure you are online well in advance of your scheduled timeslot in case there’s a last-minute reshuffling.

Whether in-person or remote: Each speaker has a 20 minute slot. We recommend that you target your talk to finish in 12 minutes or less, allowing 8 minutes for questions. For efficiency, we will have a room monitor collecting question cards from the in-person audience, and a Zoom monitor collecting questions from the Zoom chat. They will select the most relevant questions and ask you to respond. With luck, this will eliminate the time-consuming “This is more a statement than a question” microphone hogs. We’ve shoehorned in four days of content into a 2.5 day symposium, so we’ll be disciplined about moving on to the next speaker at the 20-minute mark.

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