August 2, 2021 updates

Electrodynamic Tethers For Deep Space Missions

Chronos – take the pulse of our galactic neighbourhood

Magnetic Deflection of a Low-Temperature Plasma Jet for a Magnetic Nozzle for Pulsed Fission-Fusion Engine

Transit origami: A method to Coherently fold exomoon transits in time series photometry

Nondetection of Helium in the Upper Atmospheres of TRAPPIST-1b, e, and f

Future Space Missions and Human Enhancement: Medical and Ethical Challenges

Focused Penetrative Plumes: A Possible Consequence of the Dissociation Transition of Post-Perovskite at ∼0.9 TPa in Massive Rocky Super-Earths

The Emission Spectrum of the Hot Jupiter WASP-79b from HST/WFC3

Lessons learned from SPHERE for the astrometric strategy of the next generation of exoplanet imaging instruments

Imaging low-mass planets within the habitable zones of nearby stars with ground-based mid-infrared imaging

Asymmetry and Variability in the Transmission Spectra of Tidally Locked Habitable Planets

Follow-up of non-transiting planets detected by Kepler. Confirmation of three hot-Jupiters and validation of three other planets

A Second Planet Transiting LTT~1445A and a Determination of the Masses of Both Worlds

Partially Diffusive Helium-Silica Compound in the Deep Interiors of Giant Planets

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