Continued development of the pulsed magnetic nozzle for the Pulsed Fission Fusion (PuFF) vehicle

Experimental Validation Testing of a Paired-Particle Matter/Anti-Matter Propulsion System, with Proposed Project Management

Numerical Optimization of Warp Drive Geometries

Planetary migration in precessing disks for S-type wide binaries

A HARPS-N mass for the elusive Kepler-37d: a case study in disentangling stellar activity and planetary signals

Speckle Observations of TESS Exoplanet Host Stars. II. Stellar Companions at 1–1000 au and Implications for Small Planet Detection

Transmission Spectroscopy of the Earth–Sun System to Inform the Search for Extrasolar Life

Interstellar Communications

HD 183579b: A Warm Sub-Neptune Transiting a Solar Twin Detected by TESS

A large sub-Neptune transiting the thick-disk M4V TOI-2406

Beyond runaway: initiation of the post-runaway greenhouse state on rocky exoplanets

ESA F-Class Comet Interceptor: Trajectory Design to Intercept a Yet-to-be-discovered Comet

TOI-532b: The Habitable-zone Planet Finder confirms a Large Super Neptune in the Neptune Desert orbiting a metal-rich M dwarf host

Detectable Abundance of Cyanoacetylene (HC3N) Predicted on Reduced Nitrogen-Rich Super-Earth Atmospheres

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