Multiband Transit Follow-up Observations of Five Hot Jupiters with Critical Noise Treatments: Improved Physical Properties

LBT Reveals Large Dust Particles and a High Mass Loss Rate for K2-22 b

Possibilities for an Aerial Biosphere in Temperate Sub Neptune-Sized Exoplanet Atmospheres

Galactic Traversability: A New Concept for Extragalactic SETI

ALMA 870 μm continuum observations of HD 100546. Evidence of a giant planet on a wide orbit

GRAVITY K-band spectroscopy of HD 206893 B: brown dwarf or exoplanet

A Large-scale Approach to Modelling Molecular Biosignatures: The Diatomics

The Noonday Argument: Fine-Graining, Indexicals, and the Nature of Copernican Reasoning

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