Tractor beams, pressor beams, and stressor beams in general relativity

The Dynamics of the Transition from Kardashev Type II to Type III Galaxies Favor Technosignature Searches in the Central Regions of Galaxies

KMT-2019-BLG-2073: Fourth Free-floating Planet Candidate with θE < 10 μas

A Tidal Origin for a Three-body Resonance in Kepler-221

Incorporating Inner Magnetosphere Current-driven Electron Acceleration in Numerical Simulations of Exoplanet Radio Emission

Planetary Systems Around White Dwarfs

Strategies for Maximizing Detection Rate in Radio SETI

Systematic KMTNet Planetary Anomaly Search, Paper II: Five New q<2×10−4 Mass-ratio Planets

The architecture of multi-planet systems as a tracer of their formation mechanisms

CHEOPS Precision Phase Curve of the Super-Earth 55 Cnc e

Gravitational lensing by an extended mass distribution

Nebula-Relay Hypothesis: Primitive Life in Nebula and Origin of Life on Earth

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