Human Enhancements for Space Missions

MCNP Design of Radiation Shielding for Pulsed Fusion Propulsion

Orbital and Flight Stability Models for Breakthrough Starshot’s AO System

A naked gas giant

Monte Carlo estimation of the probability of causal contacts between communicating civilizations

Agent-based modelling of interstellar contacts using rumour spread models

The Importance of Local Interstellar Conditions on the Galactic Cosmic-Ray Spectrum at Exoplanets

Astraea: Predicting Long Rotation Periods with 27-Day Light Curves

Water worlds in N-body simulations with fragmentation in systems without gaseous giants

An Independent Analysis of the Six Recently Claimed Exomoon Candidates

Non-detection of O2/O3 informs frequency of Earth-like planets with LUVOIR but not HabEx

Probing the atmosphere of HD189733b with the Na I and K I lines

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