August 10, 2020 updates

Observing The Growth Of Breathable O2 Producer In High And Low Pressure And Light Conditions

Power Beaming Leakage Radiation as a Technosignature Observable

Heat and charge transport in H2O at ice-giant conditions from ab initio molecular dynamics simulations

Ground-Based Transmission Spectroscopy with FORS2: A featureless optical transmission spectrum and detection of H2O for the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-103b

Thermal Variations of Extremely Close-in Exoplanets

The challenge of identifying interstellar meteors

Monitoring of transiting exoplanets and their host stars with small aperture telescopes

Multiple Explanations for the Single Transit of KIC 5951458 based on Radial Velocity Measurements Extracted with a Novel Matched-template Technique

Tidal dissipation in evolving low-mass and solar-type stars with predictions for planetary orbital decay

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