DMPP-2: The radial velocity discovery of a giant planet orbiting a bright pulsating star

Planet formation and stability in polar circumbinary discs

OGLE-2018-BLG-1011Lb,c: Microlensing Planetary System with Two Giant Planets Orbiting a Low-mass Star

The impact of stripped cores on the frequency of Earth-size planets in the habitable zone

Homogeneous Analysis of Hot Earths: Masses, Sizes, and Compositions

Impact of planetary mass uncertainties on exoplanet atmospheric retrievals

Orbital dynamics of circumbinary planets

Mini-magnetospheres and Moon-magnetosphere interactions: Overview Moon-magnetosphere Interactions

Erosion of an exoplanetary atmosphere caused by stellar winds

An independent analysis of the Spitzer/IRAC phase curves of WASP43 b

Inflation deployed torus-shaped solar sail accelerated via thermal desorption of coating

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