August 19, 2019 updates

Absence of a thick atmosphere on the terrestrial exoplanet LHS 3844b

Evidence for an additional planet in the β Pictoris system

Enabling a Near-Term Interstellar Probe with the Space Launch System

The Dipole Drive: A New Concept in Space Propulsion

An Examination of Warp Theory and Technology to Determine the State of the Art and Feasibility

Development of a pulse-recharge magnetic nozzle for PuFF

Numerical Simulation of Laser and Particle Coupled Beam Propagation

Performance Analysis of a Combined Laser and Neutral Particle Beam Propulsion Concept Based on Self-Guiding

High-resolution Imaging Transit Photometry of Kepler-13AB

A never-ending story in the sky: The secrets of chemical evolution

The SpaceDrive project – Thrust balance development and new measurements of the Mach-Effect and EMDrive Thrusters

Simulations of starspot anomalies within TESS exoplanetary transit light curves — I. The detection limits of starspot anomalies in TESS light curves

The Kepler Peas in a Pod Pattern is Astrophysical

Inner Edge of Habitable Zones for Earth-sized Planets with Various Surface Water Distributions

Habitability of galaxies and application of merger trees in astrobiology

The Search for Living Worlds and the Connection to Our Cosmic Origins

Astrometric planet search around southern ultracool dwarfs IV. Relative motion of the FORS2/VLT CCD chips

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