Detection and characterization of an ultra-dense sub-Neptunian planet orbiting the Sun-like star K2-292

Carrington-class Events as a Great Filter for Electronic Civilizations in the Drake Equation

Update of the HITRAN collision-induced absorption section

A Statistical Comparative Planetology Approach to Maximize the Scientific Return of Future Exoplanet Characterization Efforts

The Super-Earth Opportunity – Search for Habitable Exoplanets in the 2020s

Multiple Populations of Extrasolar Gas Giants

A hot rocky and a warm puffy super-Earth orbiting TOI-402 (HD 15337)

The Critical, Strategic Importance of Adaptive Optics-Assisted Ground-Based Telescopes for the Success of Future NASA Exoplanet Direct Imaging Missions

The radio search for technosignatures in the decade 2020-2030

The ground-based optical transmission spectrum of hot Jupiter HAT-P-1b

The remote detectability of Earth’s biosphere through time and the importance of UV capability for characterizing habitable exoplanets

The HD 15337 transiting system: a pair of sub-Neptune-mass planets on the opposite sides of the radius gap

Exoplanet Exergy: Why useful work matters for planetary habitabilty

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