NASA criticized for proposed budget cuts

The Great Colonization Debate

Tides between the TRAPPIST-1 planets

Realistic On-The-Fly Outcomes of Planetary Collisions: Machine Learning Applied to Simulations of Giant Impacts

Fate of the runner in hit-and-run collisions

Identification and characterization of the host stars in planetary microlensing with ELTs

Asteroseismic determination of the stellar rotation period of the Kepler transiting planetary systems and its implications for the spin-orbit architecture

Discovery of Cold Brown Dwarfs or Free-Floating Giant Planets Close to the Sun

On the Anomalous Acceleration of 1I/2017 U1 `Oumuamua

Gliese 49: Activity evolution and detection of a super-Earth

The sub-Jovian desert of exoplanets: parameter dependent boundaries and implications on planet formation

The Metallicity-Period-Mass Diagram of low-mass exoplanets

The Importance of 3D General Circulation Models for Characterizing the Climate and Habitability of Terrestrial Extrasolar Planets

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