Biological Homochirality on the Earth, or in the Universe? A Selective Review

Device providing non-inertial propulsion while conserving propellant mass and method therefor

Relative Likelihood of Success in the Search for Primitive versus Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life

MuSCAT2: 4-color Simultaneous Camera for the 1.52m Telescopio Carlos Sanchez

Gas Phase Chemistry of Cool Exoplanet Atmospheres: Insight from Laboratory Simulations

The early instability scenario: terrestrial planet formation during the giant planet instability, and the effect of collisional fragmentation

Synergy between asteroseismology and exoplanet science: an outlook

Predicting the Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation Environment of Exoplanets Around Low-Mass Stars: the TRAPPIST-1 System

The Transit Light Source Effect II: The Impact of Stellar Heterogeneity on Transmission Spectra of Planets Orbiting Broadly Sun-like Stars

Albedos, Equilibrium Temperatures, and Surface Temperatures of Habitable Planets

Stellar activity analysis of Barnard’s Star: Very slow rotation and evidence for long-term activity cycle

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