Attitude Dynamics of Electric Sail from Multibody Perspective

Planetary Interiors As a Control for Habitability

Catching a Planet: A Tidal Capture Origin for the Oxomoon Candidate Kepler 1625b I

Application of an evolution strategy in planetary ephemeris modeling

Qatar Exoplanet Survey: Qatar-7b — A Very Hot Jupiter Orbiting a Metal Rich F-Star

Chaotic Tides in Migrating Gas Giants: Forming Hot and Transient Warm Jupiters via High-Eccentricity Migration

HD219666b: a hot-Neptune from TESS Sector 1

Ephemeris refinement of 21 Hot Jupiter exoplanets with high timing uncertainties

Constraining the orbit of the planet-hosting binary τ Boötis: Clues about planetary formation and migration

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