Success in critical communications tests for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

Kepler resumes operations despite malfunctioning thruster

Exoplanet Science Strategy

Habitable Climate Scenarios for Proxima Centauri b with a Dynamic Ocean

Continuous reorientation of synchronous terrestrial planets controlled by mantle convection

Detecting isotopologues in exoplanet atmospheres using ground-based high-dispersion spectroscopy

Effects of non-Kozai mutual inclinations on two-planet system stability through all phases of stellar evolution

Radial velocities from the N2K Project: 6 new cold gas giant planets orbiting HD 55696, HD 98736, HD 148164, HD 203473, and HD 211810

KMT-2017-BLG-0165Lb: A Super-Neptune mass planet Orbiting a Sun-like Host Star

Idealized Wind-driven Ocean Circulations On Exoplanets

Differences in water vapor radiative transfer among 1D models can significantly affect the inner edge of the habitable zone

Abrupt climate transition of icy worlds from snowball to moist or runaway greenhouse

Magma oceans as a critical stage in the tectonic development of rocky planets

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