The influence of stellar flare on dynamical state of the atmosphere of exoplanet HD 209458b

The 0.8-4.5μm broadband transmission spectra of TRAPPIST-1 planets

A Universal Nightside Temperature on Hot Jupiters due to Nocturnal Clouds

Kepler-730b is probably a hot Jupiter with a small companion

Stellar Obliquities & Planetary Alignments (SOPA) I. Spin-Orbit measurements of Three Transiting Hot Jupiters: WASP-72b, WASP-100b, & WASP-109b

The ice composition in the protoplanetary disk V883 Ori revealed by its stellar outburst

NGTS-4b: A sub-Neptune Transiting in the Desert

A Reassessment of Families of Solutions to the Puzzle of Boyajian’s Star

High-Contrast study of the candidate planets and protoplanetary disk around HD~100546

HATS-60b – HATS-69b: Ten Transiting Planets From HATSouth

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