August 31, 2018 updates

Habitability of Exoplanet Waterworlds

Ground- and Space-based Detection of the Thermal Emission Spectrum of the Transiting Hot Jupiter KELT-2Ab

MOA-2015-BLG-337: A Planetary System with a Low-mass Brown Dwarf/Planetary Boundary Host, or a Brown Dwarf Binary

A Search for Refraction in Kepler Photometry of Gas Giants

The Star-Planet Activity Research CubeSat (SPARCS): A Mission to Understand the Impact of Stars in Exoplanets

Dust Production and Depletion in Evolved Planetary Systems

Hydrohalite Salt-albedo Feedback Could Cool M-dwarf Planets

Retrieval of planetary and stellar properties in transmission spectroscopy with Aura

A Quantitative Comparison of Exoplanet Catalogs

Selective Aggregation Experiments on Planetesimal Formation and Mercury-Like Planets

The Near-Infrared Transmission Spectra of TRAPPIST-1 Planets b, c, d, e, f, and g and Stellar Contamination in Multi-Epoch Transit Spectra

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