Influence of Stellar Metallicity on Occurrence Rates of Planets and Planetary Systems

Constraining the Time Interval for the Origin of Life on Earth

Diverse protoplanetary disk morphology produced by a Jupiter-mass planet

Investigating the possibility of reversing giant planet migration via gap edge illumination

The effects of stellar activity on optical high-resolution exoplanet transmission spectra

Spitzer Phase Curves of KELT-1b and the Signatures of Nightside Clouds in Thermal Phase Observations

Direct Imaging in Reflected Light: Characterization of Older, Temperate Exoplanets With 30-m Telescopes

Threshold radii of volatile-rich planets

Simulation and Validation of a SpaceWire On-Board Data-Handling Network for the PLATO Mission

The PLATO Payload Data Processing System SpaceWire network

Community targets for JWST’s early release science program: evaluation of WASP-63b

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