August 30, 2018 updates

Influence of Stellar Metallicity on Occurrence Rates of Planets and Planetary Systems

Constraining the Time Interval for the Origin of Life on Earth

Diverse protoplanetary disk morphology produced by a Jupiter-mass planet

Investigating the possibility of reversing giant planet migration via gap edge illumination

The effects of stellar activity on optical high-resolution exoplanet transmission spectra

Spitzer Phase Curves of KELT-1b and the Signatures of Nightside Clouds in Thermal Phase Observations

Direct Imaging in Reflected Light: Characterization of Older, Temperate Exoplanets With 30-m Telescopes

Threshold radii of volatile-rich planets

Simulation and Validation of a SpaceWire On-Board Data-Handling Network for the PLATO Mission

The PLATO Payload Data Processing System SpaceWire network

Community targets for JWST’s early release science program: evaluation of WASP-63b

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