Preliminary results of magnetic field measurements on multi-coil magnetic sail in laboratory experiment

A Summary of Recent NASA’s Electric Sail Propulsion System Investigations

An Advanced Composites-Based Solar Sail System for Interplanetary Small Satellite Missions

Linear Structural Dynamics and Modal Cost Analysis for a Solar Sail

Membrane Structure Supported by Self-Deployable Truss for Space Applications

Radioactive nuclei from cosmochronology to habitability

The Exoplanet Population Observation Simulator. I – The Inner Edges of Planetary Systems

Populations of Extrasolar Giant Planets from Transit and Radial Velocity Surveys

An Earth-sized exoplanet with a Mercury-like composition

The Open Universe Initiative

Circular polarization signals of cloudy (exo)planets

Survival of a planet in short-period Neptunian desert under effect of photo-evaporation

The Ice Cap Zone: A Unique Habitable Zone for Ocean Worlds

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