May 22, 2018 updates

Temporary microglia-depletion after cosmic radiation modifies phagocytic activity and prevents cognitive deficits

Future of Space Travel Through VARIES and VASIMR

The SpaceDrive Project–First Results on EMDrive and Mach-Effect Thrusters

Surprise! House spending panel gives NSF far more money for telescope than it requested

Rival giant telescopes join forces to seek U.S. funding

An interstellar origin for Jupiter’s retrograde co-orbital asteroid

Analysis to Evaluate Multilayer Shielding of Galactic Cosmic Rays

Effects of dissociation/recombination on the day-night temperature contrasts of ultra-hot Jupiters

Probing Signatures of a Distant Planet around the Young T-Tauri Star CI Tau Hosting a Possible Hot Jupiter

Migration of Planets Into and Out of Mean Motion Resonances in Protoplanetary Discs: Overstability of Capture and Nonlinear Eccentricity Damping

Recovering the colour-dependent albedo of exoplanets with high-resolution spectroscopy: from ESPRESSO to the ELT

The TESS Input Catalog and Candidate Target List

Interstellar communication. IV. Benchmarking information carriers

Interstellar communication. VII. Benchmarking inscribed matter probes

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