TVIW in JBIS 2018

Papers published in the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Volume 71:

Pulsed Magnetic Nozzle for Fusion Propulsion
Jason Cassilbry, Bryan Winterling, and Kevin Schillo

Fission Fragment Rocket: Fuel Production and Structural Considerations
Pauli Erik Laine

Flying on a Rainbow: A Solar-Driven Diffractive Sailcraft
Grover A. Schwartzlander, Jr.

Evaluation of the Hazard of Dust Impacts on Interstellar Spacecraft
Richard A. London and James T. Early

A Science-Driven Mission to an Exoplanet
Stacy Weinstein-Weiss et al.

Contact with Alien Biomes: Possible Biochemical Incompatibilities
Kenneth Roy and Catherine Smith

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