TVIW 2013 Agenda

Sunday, February 3, 2013
5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.Reception by Baen Books and The Ultimax Group Inc.

Monday, February 4, 2013 (NeXolve Corporation, 655 Discovery Drive, Huntsville)
8:00 AMWelcome and Opening Remarks (Les Johnson/NASA, chair, TVIW)
8:15 AMMonday’s keynote: astronaut Dr. Jan Davis "Flying Astronauts in Space - Challenges & Oppos"
9:00 AMBlack Hole Devours Star over Huntsville (The Draco Kill Shot) (William Lucas Jr./self)
9:20 AMInstitute for Interstellar Studies & Catalyzing Starship R&D (Kelvin Long/British Interplanetary Society)
9:50 AMCoffee Break
10:20 AMThings We Need to Know about the Brain Before We Go (Dr. Robert Hampson/Wake Forest School of Medicine)
10:45 AMEvolving Algorithmic Communication Structures for Interstellar Travel & SETI (Dr. David Fields/Tamke-Allan Observatory & Oak Ridge Isochronous Observation Network, Dr. Stan Kurtz/Autonomous National University of Mexico, Dr. H.Paul Shuch/SETI League, Dr. Susan Hogle/ORNL, Dr. Paul Oxley/SARA, Bogdan Vacaliuc/ORNL, R.Kennedy/Ultimax, K.Roy/Ultimax)
11:10 AMSorry We Didn’t Mean to Break Your Culture (Dr. Robert "Sam" Lightfoot/South Georgia State College)
11:35 AMDyson Dots: A Longer View (Robert G Kennedy III PE/The Ultimax Group, Eric Hughes/Narthex)
12:00 PMLunch and Workshop Plenary Panel I (E. Hughes, S. Lightfoot, R. Kennedy, L. Johnson)
2:00 PMColonizing Brown Dwarfs and Orphans (Ken Roy PE/Ultimax)
2:25 PMDestinations for Colonization (Stephen Covey/Deep Space Industries)
2:50 PMCoffee Break and Group Picture (Carol Johnson/self)
3:20 PMMartians Will Make the Best Interstellar Voyagers (Gerald Driggers/ret’d High Frontier)
3:45 PMThe Search for Man 2.0 (Dr. Frederick Sloop/ORNL & ORION)
4:10 PMInterstellar Travel Without ‘Magic’ (Dr. Gordon Woodcock/L5)
4:40 PMInterstellar Flight: From Conception to Reality (Dr. Richard Obousy/Icarus Interstellar)
5:05 PMPrivate Funding of Space Ventures (Amy L. Herring Esq., JD)
5:30 PMAdjourn
8:00 PMEvening Workshop: parallel Birds-of-a-Feather sessions ("BoFs")
9:30 PMNighttime Dessert Break (in suite # TBA onsite)
10:00 PMreconvene 3 parallel BoFs, OR (dep. progress) plenary Work Group for Synthesis Report

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 (NeXolve Corporation, 655 Discovery Drive, Huntsville)
8:00 AMTuesday’s keynote: Dr. Claudio Maccone, chair/IAA SETI Perm. Cmte.: "Mathematical SETI"
8:45 AMBuild A Star Ship–100YSS & Application of Messaging, Audacity, Timeline, & Deliverables towards Interstellar Accomplishments (Mike Mongo/Icarus)
9:10 AMPutting It All together - Lessons Learned & Capabilities for Large Next-Gen Solar Sails (Greg Laue, Tony Ewing/Mantech-NeXolve)
9:35 AMHigh Temperature Nanocomposites for Nuclear Thermal Propulsion by Hyperbaric Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition (Dr. James Maxwell/Dynetics, et al.)
10:00 AMCoffee Break
10:30 AMLooking for Ultra-ships (Dr. Al Jackson IV/NASA JSC)
10:55 AMGrowing Spaceships? (Tony Robertson/IASSPES)
11:20 AMDeveloping a Single-Person Emergency Atmospheric Re-Entry Device (SPEARED) for Use in Catastrophic Failures of Entry Vehicles (Stephanie Osborn, Arlan Andrews Sc.D., Tom Ligon/SIGMA)
11:45 AMLunch and Workshop Plenary Panel II (E.Hughes, R.Lightfoot, R.Kennedy, L.Johnson)
2:00 PMInitial Base Development Using Current Modular Techniques: A Study (Travis Taylor, S.Osborn)
2:25 PMThe Hub Hab: A Self-Sufficient Planetary Habitat and Lander (Ed Kiker/Kepler Space Inst.)
2:50 PMCoffee Break and second? Group Picture (C.Johnson)
3:20 PM(approx.) Space Industry Plant Tour I: walk/ride to NeXolve's Webb solar shield facility
5:20 PM(approx.) adjourn for dinner on your own
7:00 PM - 9:00 PMInterstellar Forum for the Public & the Press w/HAL5 (Huntsville NSS chapter)
Location: Calhoun Community College - Huntsville Campus
Intro by Lisa Callihan/host, Calhoun Comm.Coll. & Les Johnson/NASA;
"Using Video to Engage Interstellar Comm’ty, Gov’t Agencies & Public" (Bill Cress/Icarus);
"Slow Boat to Centauri: A Millennial Route to Interstellar Expansion" (Paul Gilster/Tau Zero);
Forum panel continues inc. B.Cress, P.Gilster, R.Obousy, K.Long, G.Woodcock);

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 (NeXolve Corporation, 655 Discovery Drive, Huntsville)
MorningUnited Launch Alliance (ULA), Decatur Alabama Facility.

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