TVIW 2011 Agenda

Monday, November 28, 2011
5:00 PMOpening Reception (Hosted by Robert Kennedy)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 (Doubletree Hotel Oak Ridge)
8:00 AMWelcome and Opening Remarks (Les Johnson)
8:15 AMSun Focus Comes First; Interstellar Comes Second (Dr. Claudio Maccone)
9:00 AMInterstellar Travel: Realistic Ideas and Fanciful Dreams (Les Johnson)
9:30 AMHuman and Institutional Barriers to Large Scale Scale Geoengineering and Interstellar Spaceflight (Dr. Kent Williams)
10:00 AMWarp Drive Now (Tony Robertson)
10:30 AMPower and Propulsion: An Informal Survey of Opportunities Within Particle Physics (Dr. Jim Woosely)
11:00 AMProject Icarus (Dr. Richard Obousy)
11:30 AMAntimatter Propulsion (Harold Gerrish)
12:00 PMLunch
1: 00 PMInterstellar Light Sails (Dr. Gregory Matloff)
1:30 PMInterstellar Light Sails (Dr. Gregory Matloff)
2:00 PMJovian Tesla Radio (Dr. David Fields)
2:30 PMLasers Revisited: Their Superior Utility for Interstellar Beacons, Communications and Travel (Dr. John Rather)
3:00 PMInterstellar Exploration Through Art (C Bangs)
3:30 PMHumanity in the Outlands: Anthropological and Sociological Concerns in the Face of Touching the Universe (Dr. Robert C. Lightfoot)
4:00 PMShell Worlds (Robert Kennedy)
4:30 PMSublight Colonization of the Galaxy (Ken Roy)
5:00 PMThe Search for Earth 2.0 (Fred Sloop)
5:30 PMThe Fermi Paradox: A Roundtable Discussion (Stephanie Osborn)
6:30 PMDinner
9:00 PMLate Night Panel on the Future of Space Exploration (Les Johnson, moderator)

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