Aligning Planet-Hosting Binaries via Dissipative Precession in Circumstellar Disks

General Relativity and Negative Energy

We are the Intelligent Designer: Designing the Anthropocene

Planet Formation and Disk Chemistry: Dust and Gas Evolution during Planet Formation

Surviving in the Hot Neptune Desert: The Discovery of the Ultra-Hot Neptune TOI-3261b

Dynamics of Binary Planets within Star Clusters

The TROY project III. Exploring co-orbitals around low-mass stars

The miscibility of hydrogen and water in planetary atmospheres and interiors

Predicting CO2 Gas Layer Thickness due to Mantle Outgassing in the Exoplanet Census

Physically viable travsersable wormhole solutions and energy conditions in F(R,T) gravity within R2 formalism via specific form of shape functions

Alien anxiety

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