Relativistic damping of laser-beam-driven light sails

Earth’s atmosphere protects the biosphere from nearby supernovae

The AstraLux-TESS high spatial resolution imaging survey – Search for stellar companions of 215 planet candidates from TESS

A Close Binary Lens Revealed by the Microlensing Event Gaia20bof

The Limited Role of the Streaming Instability during Moon and Exomoon Formation

A Comprehensive Literature Study on Technology Pertaining to Interstellar Travel and the Current Human Standing

Seismic and acoustic signals from the 2014 ‘Interstellar Meteor’

Evidence for Morning-to-Evening Limb Asymmetry on the Cool Low-Density Exoplanet WASP-107b

JWST/NIRCam 4-5 μm Imaging of the Giant Planet AF Lep b

HD 21520 b: a warm sub-Neptune transiting a bright G dwarf

Phase-resolving the absorption signatures of water and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere of the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-121b with GEMINI-S/IGRINS

The Impact of Magnetic Fields on the Decoupling of H and H+ in the Escaping Atmosphere of GJ436

Searching for Jupiter and Saturn analog planets with potential icy exomoons — a Panspermia perspective

GASTLI: An open-source coupled interior-atmosphere model to unveil gas giant composition

Latitudinal Asymmetry in the Dayside Atmosphere of WASP-43b

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