Space Navigation with Optical Pulsars

Sulfur Dioxide and Other Molecular Species in the Atmosphere of the Sub-Neptune GJ 3470 b

The β Pictoris b Hill sphere transit campaign. Paper II: Searching for the signatures of the β Pictoris exoplanets through time delay analysis of the δ Scuti pulsations

Rebuilding the Habitable Zone from the Bottom up with Computational Zones

Survival of the long-lived inner disk of PDS70

Stellar obliquity measurements of six gas giants — Orbital misalignment of WASP-101b and WASP-131b

Simulating Exoplanetary Atmospheres in the Laboratory: Current capabilities of the Berlin Atmospheric Simulation Experimental Chamber (BASE)

The Coupled Impacts of Atmospheric Composition and Obliquity on the Climate Dynamics of TRAPPIST-1e

TOI-2374 b and TOI-3071 b: two metal-rich sub-Saturns well within the Neptunian desert

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