The Coming Coeval Age

Further Elaborations on the Coming Coeval Age

Time-reversed information flow through a wormhole in scalar-tensor gravity

Feasibility Faster of Light Speeds or Superluminal Speeds

Venus: Evolution Through Time – Editorial

The TESS-Keck Survey. XX. 15 New TESS Planets and a Uniform RV Analysis of All Survey Targets

Search for giant planets in M 67 V: A warm Jupiter orbiting the turn-off star S1429

Photodissociation and induced chemical asymmetries on ultra-hot gas giants – A case study of HCN on WASP-76 b

Setting the Stage for the Search for Life with the Habitable Worlds Observatory: Properties of 164 Promising Planet-survey Targets

The TESS-Keck Survey. VII. A Superdense Sub-Neptune Orbiting TOI-1824

Machine Learning for Exoplanet Detection in High-Contrast Spectroscopy: Revealing Exoplanets by Leveraging Hidden Molecular Signatures in Cross-Correlated Spectra with Convolutional Neural Networks

Machine learning for exoplanet detection in high-contrast spectroscopy Combining cross correlation maps and deep learning on medium-resolution integral-field spectra

Automated Chemical Reaction Network Generation and Its Application to Exoplanet Atmospheres

Photo-dynamical characterisation of the TOI-178 resonant chain

Peas-in-a-Pod Across the Radius Valley: Rocky Systems are Less Uniform in Mass but More Uniform in Size and Spacing

Interpolation and synthesis of sparse samples in exoplanet atmospheric modeling

kappa And b is a fast rotator from KPIC High Resolution Spectroscopy

A Search for Transient, Monochromatic Light in a 6-deg Swath along the Galactic Plane

Improving Earth-like planet detection in radial velocity using deep learning

Characterization of the regimes of hydrodynamic escape from low-mass exoplanets

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