An extended low-density atmosphere around the Jupiter-sized planet WASP-193 b

Stellar Wind and the Efficiency of Plasma Radio Emission from Exoplanets

A new treatment of telluric and stellar features for medium-resolution spectroscopy and molecular mapping – Application to the abundance determination on β Pic b

A MIRI Search for Planets and Dust around WD 2149+021

Revealing the dynamical properties of Jupiter-size exoplanets on elliptic orbits

A remarkable mistake III. Interstellar Flight Feasibility Analysis according to the new equations and Bassard’s idea.

Searching for Free-Floating Planets with TESS: A Few Words of Clarification

Exoplanet Transit Spectroscopy with JWST NIRSpec: Diagnostics and Homogeneous Case Study of WASP-39 b

TOI-2447 b / NGTS-29 b: a 69-day Saturn around a Solar analogue

KMT-2023-BLG-1866Lb: Microlensing super-Earth around an M dwarf host

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