An Efficient Tidal Dissipation Mechanism via Stellar Magnetic Fields

TOI-663: A newly discovered multi-planet system with three transiting mini-Neptunes orbiting an early M star

Accretion of primordial H–He atmospheres in mini-Neptunes: The importance of envelope enrichment

Time-domain analysis of multi-waveband flares from AD leonis

Simulating biosignatures from pre-oxygen photosynthesising life on TRAPPIST-1e

Research on the Optimal Design of the High-stability Optical System for Atmospheric Spectra in Transit Observation

Secondary eclipse and day-night modulation of exoplanets observed by transiting exoplanet survey satellite

The atmosphere of HD 149026b: Low metal-enrichment and weak energy transport

The impact of Ozone on Earth-like exoplanet climate dynamics: the case of Proxima Centauri b

Current laboratory performance of starlight suppression systems, and potential pathways to desired Habitable Worlds Observatory exoplanet science capabilities

Photo-dynamical Analysis of Circumbinary Multi-planet system TOI-1338: a Fully Coplanar Configuration with a Puffy Planet

Detection of Fe and Ti on the dayside of the ultrahot Jupiter MASCARA-1b with CARMENES

Quantifying broadband chromatic drifts in Fabry-Perot resonators for exoplanet science

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