AdS Ellis wormholes with scalar field

Plurality of Worlds

Three-dimensional Interaction between a Planet and an Isothermal Gaseous Disk. III. Locally Isothermal Cases

TOI-4336 A b: A temperate sub-Neptune ripe for atmospheric characterization in a nearby triple M-dwarf system

The open-source sunbather code: modeling escaping planetary atmospheres and their transit spectra

The James Webb Interferometer: Space-based interferometric detections of PDS 70 b and c at 4.8 μm

Reflective and transmissive solar sails: Dynamics, flight regimes and applications

Planets that look alike might be a sign of spacefaring aliens

Signs of magnetic star-planet interactions in HD 118203 – TESS detects stellar variability that matches the orbital period of a close-in eccentric Jupiter-sized companion

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