Cooperative Evolutionary Pressure and Diminishing Returns Might Explain the Fermi Paradox: On What Super-AIs Are Like

Preliminary analysis of in-orbit operation accidents for an ultra-small Lithium-cooled space reactor power system

Erratum: “Dynamical Evolution and Spin-orbit Resonances of Potentially Habitable Exoplanets. The Case of GJ 667C”

Mapping the Vertical Gas Structure of the Planet-hosting PDS 70 Disk

Erratum: “Flares, Rotation, Activity Cycles, and a Magnetic Star–Planet Interaction Hypothesis for the Far-ultraviolet Emission of GJ 436”

A Self-Consistent Model of Radial Transport in the Magnetodisks of Gas Giants Including Interhemispheric Asymmetries

Planets observed with CHEOPS – Two super-Earths orbiting the red dwarf star TOI-776

Effects of planetary day-night temperature gradients on He 1083 nm transit spectra

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