Pathways to the Origin and Evolution of Meanings in the Universe

The Sun Remains Relatively Refractory Depleted: Elemental Abundances for 17,412 Gaia RVS Solar Analogs and 50 Planet Hosts

An Eccentric Planet Orbiting the Polar V808 Aurigae

Constraining Planetary Formation Models Using Conditional Occurrences of Various Planet Types

On the Impact and Utility of Single-Exomoon Modeling for Multi-Moon Systems

Nodal precession of a hot Jupiter transiting the edge of a late A-type star TOI-1518

Ultraviolet and Chromospheric activity and Habitability of M stars

TOI-1135 b: A young hot Saturn-size planet orbiting a solar-type star

Three Warm Jupiters around Solar-analog stars detected with TESS

Testing approximate infrared scattering radiative-transfer methods for hot Jupiter atmospheres

Automated Scheduling of Doppler Exoplanet Observations at Keck Observatory

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