Analysis of Using the Light Pressure Effect to Drive Spacecraft under Complex Conditions

Introducing the Exoplanet Escape Factor and the Fishbowl Worlds (Two conceptual tools for the search of extra terrestrial civilizations)

Fundamentals for habitable scenarios for Earth-like planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system

How to build a habitable planet? An interview with Charles H. Langmuir

The Orbital Geometries and Stellar Obliquities of Exoplanet-hosting Multistar Systems

A Tale of Two Peas-In-A-Pod: The Kepler-323 and Kepler-104 Systems

Computing Transiting Exoplanet Parameters with 1D Convolutional Neural Networks

The effect of lightning on the atmospheric chemistry of exoplanets and potential biosignatures

Planetary atmospheres Through Time: Effects of Mass Loss and Thermal Evolution

A formally motivated retrieval framework applied to the high resolution transmission spectrum of HD 189733 b

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