Creation of closed ecological life support systems: results, critical problems and potentials

Earths are not Super-Earths, Saturns are not Jupiters: Imprints of pressure-bump planet formation on planetary architectures

Studying habitability of the exoplanets Kepler-504 b, Kepler-315 b, and Kepler-315 c

The compact multi-planet system GJ 9827 revisited with ESPRESSO

A 3D picture of moist-convection inhibition in hydrogen-rich atmospheres: Implications for K2-18 b

Detection Sensitivities from the Anglo-Australian Planet Search

21st-Century Posthuman Spaceship and Spacecraft Architectures

Posthuman Space Architecture: Machine Worlds to Seed Space

The SOPHIE search for northern extrasolar planets XIX. A system including a cold sub-Neptune potentially transiting a V = 6.5 star HD 88986

FlopPITy: Enabling self-consistent exoplanet atmospheric retrievals with machine learning

Mass Loss from the Atmosphere of the Planet WASP-193 b

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