Interaction of the Exoplanet Hat–P–11b with Stellar Wind

On the Possibility to Estimate the Orbital Eccentricity of a Binary System with an Exoplanet from a Transit Light Curve

NO Biomarker: Transmission and Emission Methods for Its Potential Detection in Exoplanet Atmospheres with Spektr-UF (WSO-UV)

Kinetic Model of the Effect of the Stellar Wind on the Extended Hydrogen Atmosphere of the Exoplanet π Men c

WASP-69b’s Escaping Envelope Is Confined to a Tail Extending at Least 7 Rp

FlopPITy : Enabling self-consistent exoplanet atmospheric retrievals with machine learning

Equations of State, Thermodynamics, and Miscibility Curves for Jovian Planet and Giant Exoplanet Evolutionary Models

The Orbital Geometries and Stellar Obliquities of Exoplanet-Hosting Multi-Star Systems

Systematic KMTNet Planetary Anomaly Search. XI. Complete Sample of 2016 Sub-Prime Field Planets

A radius valley between migrated steam worlds and evaporated rocky cores

Ground-Based Photometric Follow-up for Exoplanet Detections with the PLATO Mission

Astrobiological Potential of Venus Atmosphere Chemical Anomalies and Other Unexplained Cloud Properties

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