Development of Solar Sail for Interstellar Exploration

Astrophysicists publish Kepler Giant Planet Search, an aid to ‘figure out where to find life’

Parameterizing pressure–temperature profiles of exoplanet atmospheres with neural networks

Bayesian Analysis for Remote Biosignature Identification on exoEarths (BARBIE). II. Using Grid-based Nested Sampling in Coronagraphy Observation Simulations for O2 and O3

Geochemical and Photochemical Constraints on S[IV] Concentrations in Natural Waters on Prebiotic Earth

The flipped orbit of KELT-19Ab inferred from the symmetric TESS transit light curves

The distribution of impactor core material during large impacts on Earth-like planets

Free-floating or wide-orbit? Keck adaptive-optics observations of free-floating planet candidates detected with gravitational microlensing

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