Guidebook for Systems Applications in Astrobiology

Large exomoons unlikely around Kepler-1625 b and Kepler-1708 b

The planetary system Kepler-27 revisited

Chalcogen isotopes reveal limited volatile contribution from late veneer to Earth

Saltire – A model to measure dynamical masses for high-contrast binaries and exoplanets with high-resolution spectroscopy

Revisiting epsilon Eridani with NEID: Identifying New Activity-sensitive Lines in a Young K Dwarf Star

Separated Twins or Just Siblings? A Multiplanet System around an M Dwarf Including a Cool Sub-Neptune

TOI-1670 c, a 40 day Orbital Period Warm Jupiter in a Compact System, Is Well Aligned

Broadband, High-Reflectivity Dielectric Mirrors at Wafer Scale: Combining Photonic Crystal and Metasurface Architectures for Advanced Lightsails

On the required mass for exoplanetary radio emission

TOI-4641b: An Aligned Warm Jupiter Orbiting a Bright (V=7.5) Rapidly Rotating F-star

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