The Origin of Life in the Universe

The Cosmic Quest For Life

Hadean Earth

Development of Solar Sail for Interstellar Exploration

Minimal Crew Size and Sensitive Reproductive Parameters on Multigenerational Interstellar Travel

Self-consistent simulation of photoelectrons in exoplanet winds: Faster ionisation and weaker mass-loss rates

Limits on the Detection of an Ultra-short-period Planet in the TOI-539 System

Message in a Bottleā€”An Update to the Golden Record: 1. Objectives and Key Content of the Message

Genesis of the Other: The Evolution of Existential Philosophy in an Isolated AI on a Sterile Exoplanet

Saltire — A model to measure dynamical masses for high-contrast binaries and exoplanets with high-resolution spectroscopy

The GPU Phase Folding and Deep Learning Method for Detecting Exoplanet Transits

OGLE-2019-BLG-1180Lb: Discovery of a Wide-orbit Jupiter-mass Planet around a Late-type Star

Two long-period giant planets around two giant stars: HD 112570 and HD 154391

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