The Human Challenges of Conquering Space and Colonizing Other Worlds

Corrections of errors in special relativity theory and the influence of paradoxes on it

Cooperative Evolutionary Pressure and Diminishing Returns Might Explain the Fermi Paradox: On What Super-AIs Are Like and Why We Don’t See Them

Why are Mountaintops Cold? The Transition of Surface Lapse Rate on Dry Planets

Giant Outer Transiting Exoplanet Mass (GOT ‘EM) Survey: III. Recovery and Confirmation of a Temperate, Mildly Eccentric, Single-Transit Jupiter Orbiting TOI-2010

Calibration Unit Design for High-Resolution Infrared Spectrograph for Exoplanet Characterization (HISPEC)

Forming Giant Planets Around Late-M Dwarfs: Pebble Accretion and Planet-Planet Collision

Wavelet Transforms of Microlensing Data: Denoising, Extracting Intrinsic Pulsations, and Planetary Signals

Planetary Entropy Production as a Thermodynamic Constraint for Exoplanet Habitability

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