Is There Future Potential For ‘Faster-Than-Light’ Travel Through Dark Energy Sources? An Exploratory Review

Guidebook for Systems Applications in Astrobiology

Membrane Models as a Means of Propulsion in General Relativity: Super-Luminal Warp-Drive that Satisfies the Weak Energy Condition

SO2, silicate clouds, but no CH4 detected in a warm Neptune

Scaling K2. VII. Evidence For a High Occurrence Rate of Hot Sub-Neptunes at Intermediate Ages

CHEOPS and TESS view of the ultra-short-period super-Earth TOI-561 b

Planets around evolved intermediate-mass stars – III. Planet candidates and long-term activity signals in six open clusters

On the orbital decay of the gas giant Kepler – 1658 b

The Impact of the Free-floating Planet Mass Function on the Event Rate for Accurate Microlensing Parallax Determination: Application to Euclid and Roman Parallax Observation

Corrigendum: “Characterizing Atmospheres of Transiting Earth-like Exoplanets Orbiting M Dwarfs with James Webb Space Telescope” (2021, PASP, 133, 054401)

A cool runaway greenhouse without surface magma ocean

Deconstructing Alien Hunting

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